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What Nursery Staff Say

We love Music Go Round

‘Children are really coming out of themselves through the music. This half term's classes have been amazing as always. It's lovely to see even the quiet, shy children joining in now. Keep up the good work - we love our Music Go Round!'
Tree Tots Day Nursery, Leicester.

Professional and Approachable

'Thorplands Children’s Centre has been working in partnership with Music Go Round for many years and is delighted with the service they provide.  They support our Health Visitor Weigh In sessions and we have found that people who may have popped quickly in and out to have their baby weighed, stay and enjoy the session.  This serves the dual purpose of providing the opportunity to introduce them to other Children’s Centre services and to start to build a relationship with them.  Several registration forms are completed during these sessions helping us to increase our reach figures.

We have found Music Go Round to be professional yet very approachable and willing to be flexible to meet our changing requirements.'

Thorplands Children's Centre, Northampton

Children stay engaged

‘Our children really enjoy Music Go Round music and movement and stay engaged throughout.'
Baby Room, Wooldale Early Care and Education Centre (Bright Horizons), Northampton

Good fun

‘Classes are good fun, and the children are very excited to see Cherie'
Nippers Nursery, (Bright Horizons), Leicester

Happy Parents!

'I am B’s mum from nursery and he loves his music lessons! He has some brilliant dance moves and enjoys dancing to and joining in with a variety of songs and tunes! As he is very shy it is good for him to get confidence via the music sessions. We’re a little sad it will have to stop as he moves to school in September.

He has recently got the cd download and enjoys that too.

Many thanks.'

Including those with special needs

‘Thank you for listening to all of our children, including those with special needs. Music Go Round is brilliant, we always enjoy it!'
Favours Day Nursery, Northampton.

Staff using elements of Music Go Round

‘Staff are beginning to deliver elements of Music Go Round sessions into their sessions with the children'
Nippers Nursery, (Bright Horizons), Leicester

‘Children keep singing the songs

'Children often sing the songs from Music Go Round at nursery.'
Favours Day Nursery, Northampton

Links well with our planning

‘The children are always engaged due to the content and enthusiastic delivery. Letters and Sounds (phase one) has been incorporated in to the classes and this links well with our planning.'
Wooldale Early Care and Education Centre (Bright Horizons), Northampton.

All of our parents are pleased

‘All of our parents have said that they are pleased with their Music Go Round sessions.'
Favours Day Nursery, Northampton

Children love the sessions

‘All of the children love the sessions'
Thorplands Children's Centre, Northampton

We look forward to it

‘We look forward to every Wednesday and the children know what time music is going to happen'
Tree Tots Day Nursery, Leicester.

Enjoy the structure

‘The children enjoy the structure of the Music Go Round lessons.'
NuNu Nursery, Northampton

So much enjoyment

‘The children and staff members who attend get so much enjoyment out of their lessons.'
Woodlands Day Nursery, Leicester

See the children's development

‘A great class. I can really see the younger children's development in the knowledge of their songs'
Sileby Day Nursery, Leicester.

A wonderful way

‘The children really do enjoy the sessions. Karen has a wonderful way of involving the children and building their confidence.'
Acorn Childcare UK, Northampton.

What a good idea!

‘Really enjoyed seeing the multi-sided cube - what a good idea!!'
Little Bears Day Nursery, Milton Keynes

Children joining in well

‘Children are joining in well and remember the songs and dances! Great! Becca is always really enthusiastic and points out areas of progress.'
NuNu Nursery, Northampton

Liase and plan

'Karen is fantastic and it's great the way she will liaise and plan with me, in order to tailor our needs accurately.'
Thorplands Children's Centre, Northampton.

Songs and actions

‘Paddington room are always pleased to see Karen and join in with the songs and actions well.'
Wellies Day Nursery, Milton Keynes.

Enthusiasm flows out of the group

'Music Go Round runs a hugely successful music group within our nursery that started in September 2006. The children have access to a range of percussion instruments and use their voices to create rhythms and melodies. The enthusiasm flows out of the group and the children are seen teaching the ‘new' songs to their friends!' 
 Favours Day Nursery, Northampton.

Children have grown in confidence and really benefitted

 ‘Music Go Round Sessions are extremely popular with both the children and staff. The children have grown in confidence over the weeks and area able to now demonstrate an understanding of pitch and tone, beat and how the play percussion instruments. The nursery has really benefitted from having Music Go Round classes and we all look forward to the sessions.'
 NuNu Nursery, Northampton.

Enthusiastic, innovative, flexible and friendly

‘Little Fishes Pre-School recommends Music Go Round. We have had a series of sessions at Pre-School and they have been excellent. The children have gained so much from the sessions and are always eager to go to the next session. We have found Karen to be enthusiastic, innovative, flexible and friendly.

We have had a session each week specifically aimed at children with special needs and this has been so good. The music activities have got all the children involved in different ways. Each week we have been able to feed back and plan for the next week. These sessions have encouraged the quiet child, the shy child and confident child. The child who usually sits quietly watching comes alive joining in smiling and clapping.
The variety of activities but also the set routine (singing the same song at beginning and end) has been so good.'
 Little Fishes Pre-School, Northampton.

Always full of enjoyable songs and activities

‘Classes are always full of enjoyable songs and activities that the children and staff love. Karen is fabulous. She always makes the children feel at ease and they all love her. The classes are very enjoyable.'
Wellies Day Nursery, Milton Keynes.

Fantastic classes

'Fantastic classes, thoroughly enjoyed by all!'
Thorplands Children's Centre, Northampton.

Beneficial to our children

'We feel that Music Go Round is beneficial to all of our children's development, it especially helps to build our children's confidence.'

NuNu, Northampton