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Baby, Toddler and PreSchool music classes in your nursery

Music Go Round provides structured and progressive music programmes to nursery settings where we bring the music to you! During our 30 minute weekly sessions, children learn musical and social skills in a stimulating environment where they can express their creative talents whilst developing confidence.

Our curriculum accords with the Early Years Foundation Stage guidelines, and is designed to ensure that the early learning goals for music are exceeded as well as many other areas being explored and developed. We follow half termly themes (transport, seaside, spring etc) which are developed as the weeks progress. Songs are simple and allow the children to join in quickly (giving a sense of achievement) whilst teaching all of the key elements of music in a fun and inspiring way.

We create, compose, improvise, play along, take turns, listen and explore sounds and voices. According to their age, children enjoy lots of singing, action songs and rhymes, circle games, improvisation, learn simple musical terminology and the all important instruments!

Nursery children quickly get to know their Music Go Round teacher, and a weekly class becomes something that they really look forward to and discuss excitedly with their peers and carers throughout the week! But don't just take our word for it - book a trial session and let the children show you how much they enjoy the classes!

Nurseries see many benefits for their children in providing a structured music course, which include:

* Parents appreciate your nursery providing additional specialist classes
* Areas of learning as outlined in the Early Years Foundation Stage are developed
* Many opportunities to use classes for developmental assessments
* Nursery staff learning to use singing voice as a technique of control
* Nursery staff learning to use music as an educational tool
* Ideas for resources provided and opportunities to continue where the class finishes
* Building confidence in musical ability of all
* Enjoying being creative with the children and having fun!

The next step...

I am always happy to talk about the service we provide and how we can work with you to bring Music Go Round to the children in your care. Please phone Becca on 01234 240556 to ask any further questions or arrange a meeting or book your trial session and let the children show you what they think!